The answers to the most important issues for agriculture. Central Agricultural Fair in Ptak Warsaw Expo

The answers to the most important issues for agriculture. Central Agricultural Fair in Ptak Warsaw Expo

On December 2-4, 2022, one of the most important events for the agricultural sector in Poland, Central Agricultural Fair, took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. It was the sixth edition of the event dedicated to the most modern technologies dedicated to farming. Machine premieres, demonstrations of the latest technological solutions, product presentations – these are just some of the attractions that were waiting for visitors.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, KRIR, University of Agriculture in Krakow, AgriGo, Agro Sral, Allflex, Bando, Biznes na Plus, Innovation Center, Eco Sun, EskoDarPol. Eco Guarantee, Eco Kurpol, EPK, Farmtec, Foton Technik, Planta, RawiCom, RCM or Gaia – these companies and institutions could be found among the partners of the Central Agricultural Fair. Thanks to the unique exhibitors who put innovation and development of the sector in first place, the sixth edition of the event was a success.

Central Agricultural Fair- business and education

“How to meet food needs while facing the challenges of the global situation?” – this question guided all visitors to the Central Agricultural Fair. We were looking for answers with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henryk Kowalczyk, who talked about food safety and profitability of agricultural production in Poland. The European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, focused on the activities of the European Commission in the field of food security, and Krzysztof Jurgiel, Member of the European Parliament, talked about the activities of the European Parliament in the field of food security and financing agriculture and rural areas in 2023 -2027.

There were also speeches from individual countries. Food security was discussed, among others, by representatives of New Zealand, the USA, France and Germany. On the first day of the Central Agricultural Fair, willing visitors could also take part in the Hemp Panel under the patronage of the Polish Association of Hemp Producers and Processors and in the speech of the Polish Photovoltaic Corporation. Thus, already at the inauguration of the event, the gathered received a multi-level dose of knowledge that is used to develop business awareness.

It was similar on the next day, which was devoted to individual sectors of agriculture and breeding. Representatives of the most important Polish institutions talked about the needs in the production of garins, cole, sugar beets and potatoes. There were also issues related to animal production. The topics of beef cattle, pigs, poultry and milk production were discussed.

A rich exhibition zone at the Central Agricultural Fair

Agricultural technology, specialized services, equipment for agricultural production, tools and spare parts, start-ups and means of animal production, representatives of these sectors were exhibitors of the Central Agricultural Fair. In total, the number of visitors could get acquainted with the offers of producers, distributors and industry producers.

However, this was not the end of the surprises prepared for the participants of the event. During the event, they could take advantage of attractive discounts and price offers that are unavailable in other circumstances. In addition, the rich selection of presentations of hardware innovations and machines impressed everyone who attended. Thus, the Central Agricultural Fair was a complete business platform for the sector.

Thank you for participating in the event and we invite you to it’s next edition at Ptak Warsaw Expo!


Behind us, the 5th edition of the Central Agricultural Fair – the Largest Fair of Modern Technologies for Agriculture in Poland, which took place between 26 and 28 November 2021.

Over a hundred exhibitors presented their products and services, we were visited by over 15089 industry clients to establish valuable business contacts, broaden their knowledge about the market and its trends. The fifth edition gave visitors and exhibitors an unrivaled platform for discussion among world leaders in the sector.

The Central Agricultural Fair is strictly focused on knowledge transfer, during the event, participants had the opportunity to take part in lectures and conferences on innovation in the industry, including:

The Corn Market and Growing Conference organized by the Polish Association of Cereal Crops Producers, during which three lectures were held: The corn seed market in Poland, Precise Agriculture, New technologies of corn cultivation and its effects.

The Hemp for the Earth Foundation organized its lecture entitled “Hemp in cultivation, processing and on the markets in Poland and in the world“. During the lecture, the main aspects related to the benefits of hemp cultivation were discussed.

For the third time, as part of the event, the largest nationwide rural plebiscite, AGRO MASTERS, organized by Polska Press, was held. This year, the awards in the competition were awarded in six categories: Mayor of the Year, Farmer of the Year, Housewife of the Year, Circle of Rural Housewives, Village of the Year, Agritourism Farm. The award ceremony was the most important point of the plebiscite gala during the Central Agricultural Fair.

The attention of visitors was also drawn to the competition in the Polish Strongman Cup Nadarzyn 2021. from dragging a tractor or a walk with a yok weighing 360 kg.

This year’s fair is another success on our list. We would like to thank everyone who appeared. We are glad that our customers have left the halls with signed contracts and are richer in the most up-to-date knowledge about the market and its trends and innovations.

See you next year.

Video coverage from Central Agricultural Trade Show

Cideo coverage form  Central Agricultural Trade Show in Poland 2021

Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors for taking part in our trade fair. Please join us at the next edition of the trade fair in Ptak Warsaw Expo

Be successful at the Central Agricultural Fair

Be successful at the Central Agricultural Fair

Participation in the Central Agricultural Fair is a great opportunity for your company to establish new business relations and attract tens of thousands of visitors to your product. For this purpose, it is necessary to properly take care of the visual impressions and aesthetics of your stand, as well as effective communication, especially before the start of the event. Thanks to these steps, you will strengthen your participation in the fair, and also save a lot of stress and money while organizing your stand.

Visualization and technical aspects

Before participating in the fair, think over the concept of your stand. Consider which machines are most important to you – this will allow you to fully use the space and arrange the equipment of your stand.

Once you have the plan, it’s time to move on to the stand equipment. Its most important elements are:

Branding – the first element that visitors look for at the stand is a logo or company name. With the use of banners or – to enhance the effect – an LED screen, on which you will display how your tractors or other agricultural machines are doing in the field.
Lighting – one of the most important elements of the stand, which will allow you to fully display the latest agricultural machinery. The intelligent play of lights will definitely increase the attractiveness of your stand and product.
The floor – complements and emphasizes the aesthetics of your stand, which we can see in all trade fair centers around the world. Therefore, covering the stand area is obligatory at Ptak Warsaw Expo.
Power connection – imagine that you are about to get a new customer, but he needs to urgently use his phone, which is dead. Of course, you offer him a charger, but … you don’t have a connection at the stand. So, when asked if the electricity at the stand is important, we answer – of course!

A meeting place – the fair is tens of thousands of people and hundreds of attractions that generate a lot of noise. When planning your stand, remember about an elegant and well-equipped place where you will invite potential contractors to do business.

The above few tips will surely help your company to achieve success at the fair. If you have questions and are looking for an idea for the implementation of your stand, view our catalog and contact us – we will create something unique together!

Attractions and activities

The stand must have substantive value, but in order to present it, visitors must be effectively gathered. The attractions you prepare will be of key importance here. Your brand ambassador presenting products, the possibility of active testing or prizes for fair participants are just some of the ideas that will help make your stand stand out.

Also, do not forget about decent human resources during the fair. Experts who will go out to the client and attract him to the offer in an accessible way will be much more effective than one employee hidden in the back of the exhibition, looking hostile at the visitors.
In the agricultural industry, it is very important to get to know the product in-depth, fairs give customers the opportunity to Machine “touches”, which are not always possible. The combination of appropriate presentation and personal checking increases the chances of a successful sale.


All of the above elements make up the most important one – appropriate communication regarding the presence at the fair. As an organizer, we provide tens of thousands of visitors and offer a wide range of pre-trade marketing cooperation using our channels. What we need to support you are the announcements of attractions.

The fair is also a good place to invite the base of your potential customers and present them face-to-face products. This is one of the few occasions when you can meet so many customers in such a short time.

Preparing new products is a great idea to engage and attract existing customers to the stand. We know from experience that all new products and premieres interest visitors the most. This is a great opportunity to refresh business relations with current partners and deepen cooperation.

Shared success

For our exhibitors, a successful fair means a sense of a job well done. We believe that this article will be useful for you and will allow us to bring the exhibition industry back on track during the Central Agricultural Fair. At each of these stages, of course, we provide the necessary substantive support, and more details can be found in our “become an exhibitor” tab.

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Inauguration of the trade fair industry at the Central Agricultural Fair

Inauguration of the trade fair industry at the Central Agricultural Fair

The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge blow to the exhibition industry around the world. The restrictions introduced in Poland allowed for the organization of only a small part of the events planned for 2020, the remaining ones had to be postponed or canceled. This state of affairs forced Ptak Warsaw Expo to search for new solutions and make difficult decisions. The fast approaching coronavirus vaccine will allow the fair to arise from our knees, and the baggage of experience from the pandemic period has prepared us for this challenge.

Continue the success of previous editions

The Central Agricultural Fair is a recognizable brand not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Over 30,000 visitors and 250 brands during the 4th edition alone perfectly illustrate the scaleof the event. Numerous conferences and trainings, premieres of the latest agricultural solutions and equipment, presentation of prestigious awards are just some of the main elements of this event. And there are many more of them and we believe that we will inaugurate the year 2021 with the long-awaited 5th edition of the Central Agricultural Fair.

Waiting for an industry meeting

Restrictions, lockdown, increased precautions, social distancing – all of these have been accompanying our daily lives in recent times, being a joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, it is impossible to feel the lack of contact with the other person and face-to-face conversation. The invention of the vaccine gives hope for a return to normalcy, and thus to the organization of trade fairs. Many hours of consultations with our exhibitors and business partners bring a lot of valuable information, but one issue repeats like a mantra – companies lack direct contact with the client. Everyone wants to re-establish new business contacts, but also to renew those that have weakened by the pandemic. It is also an opportunity to mark your position on the
market after a very difficult period.

Safety first and foremost

Patenting the vaccine will be a milestone in the return of the fair, but the necessary personal protective equipment must not be forgotten. In the fall of 2020, two fair events took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo – the Warsaw Dental Medica Show and BioExpo, which met all the recommendations and were completely safe for both exhibitors and visitors.

Reaching the customer

The time of the pandemic has significantly limited the possibilities of acquiring new customers and presenting products. Yes, the Internet is a powerful marketing tool these days, but it’s still hard to deny personal contact with a potential buyer.That is why the fair is a great opportunity for development for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is worth noting that already during the last edition of the Central Agricultural Fair, the Polish language ceased to dominate the corridors. Domestic companies conduct more and more talks with foreign contractors, thanks to our efforts, more and more groups appear every year.

#RatujmyTargi / #Safethefairs

We believe that, together with the exhibitors, we will be able to rebuild the exhibition industryand return to the reality before the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first edition, the Central
Agricultural Fair was an event crowded with everyone associated with agriculture and we areconvinced that it will be so already in the near future. We encourage you to follow our website regularly, where important information about the upcoming event will be posted.


Corn market and cultivation


Corn market and cultivation
- Conference During CTR

Between 26 and 28 November 2021, the Central Agricultural Fair will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo, which is an excellent opportunity to raise the most important issues in the agricultural industry. During the conference accompanying the fair, there will be topics related to the maize market and cultivation, which will be presented and discussed by experts from the Polish Association of Cereal Producers.

During the 90-minute panel devoted to maize, prepared by representatives of the Polish Association of Cereal Plant Producers, three topics will be discussed:


Corn seed market in Poland – Dr. Roman Warzecha, Chairman of the Corn Varieties Registration Commission


Precise Agriculture – Mr. Kamil Szymańczak


New technologies of maize cultivation and its effects
– Mr. Tadeusz Szymańczak, Press Spokesman of the Polish United Workers’ Party

FZPDIWR as a substantive patron of the fair

FZPDIWR as a substantive patron of the fair

We are pleased to announce that the Federation of Employers’ Unions – Leaseholders and Agricultural Owners took the substantive patronage over the 5th edition of the Central Industrial Fair.

“The Central Agricultural Fair, due to its wide formula, fits very well into the scope of the Federation’s program tasks, therefore it will be an honor to take patronage over it.” – said P. Mariusz Olejnik, acting President of the Federation Board, confirming that the substantive patronage of the Central Agricultural Fair.

FZPDIWR is a leading organization in the agri-food sector, providing professional advisory services. Its overriding goal is to build social trust, protect the interests of associated business entities and solve their key problems.

The Federation represents over 1000 farms and enterprises from the agribusiness sector, with which it strives for success and creates space for building a safe future for the agri-food sector. FZPDIWR members can expect support in the area of: creating and amending the law, initiating business meetings and debates with representatives of government administration and central offices, as well as acquiring partners and contractors and cooperation with associated industry organizations.

More information on the activities of the Federation is available at:

University of Agriculture in Krakow as the substantive patron of CTR 2021

University of Agriculture in Krakow as the substantive patron of CTR 2021

University of Agriculture in Krakow as the substantive patron of CTR 2021

We are honored to announce that the University of Agriculture in Krakow has become the substantive patron of this year’s edition of the Central Agricultural Fair, which will take place on November 26-28, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The Hugon Kołłątaj University of Agriculture in Krakow is a leading university in the field of natural sciences in Poland. It boasts a long and rich history and a unique educational and research profile. He conducts studies in the field of economic, chemical, natural, technical, agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences. Appreciating the University’s commitment to the development of Polish agriculture, we believe that the patronage granted by the Rector of the University will contribute to increasing the substantive and image value of the Central Agricultural Fair, and will also give the event a higher rank.

The Central Agricultural Fair is an event promoting agricultural technology and modern Polish agriculture, which for several years has been a platform for the exchange of experience in the economic aspect between producers of the broadly understood agro industry and the target group of their products. The fifth edition of the event, like the previous ones, will be an opportunity to present innovative solutions in the agro industry and to talk about the challenges and opportunities for the development of Polish agriculture, which will be served by numerous conferences and discussion panels. This year’s lectures will be devoted to issues related to the production of cereals, oilseeds, corn and potatoes, as well as EU subsidies in connection with the new distribution of EU funds. A large part of the content program will also be devoted to the problem of water in agriculture.

We kindly invite you to participate in the fairs and accompanying events.