Coal Mine Sieniawa Lecture



Main Stage

„Stimulation of plant growth and development by fertilizing soils with humic acids obtained from brown coal.”

Dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Greinert, prof. UZ University of Zielona Góra

European agriculture is threatened by unfavorable changes in weather elements, which may become permanent over time in the form of changes in climatic conditions. Compared to other European countries, Poland is in a particularly disadvantageous situation due to poor soil conditions. In such a situation, the primary task facing modern agriculture is to maintain the soil organic carbon stock, and consequently, the ability to retain water and absorb ions. Organic fertilization, like any other agricultural activity, develops using the latest achievements of science, technology and technology. These include modern fertilizers, fertilizers and stimulants, based on concentrated substances that create soil humus. Florahumus, as a concentrate of humic acids, is an innovative means that allows for technically and technologically easy generation of organic and mineral connections in the soil, and thus stimulating the growth and development of crops. The positive effect of the preparation discussed during the presentation was demonstrated by independent scientific entities, which was not a surprise from the scientific point of view. The presented chain of cause and effect of the applied agrotechnical procedure translates complex relationships and processes inside the soil into a positive and easy to assess yield-forming effect.