FZPDIWR as a substantive patron of the fair

We are pleased to announce that the Federation of Employers’ Unions – Leaseholders and Agricultural Owners took the substantive patronage over the 5th edition of the Central Industrial Fair.

“The Central Agricultural Fair, due to its wide formula, fits very well into the scope of the Federation’s program tasks, therefore it will be an honor to take patronage over it.” – said P. Mariusz Olejnik, acting President of the Federation Board, confirming that the substantive patronage of the Central Agricultural Fair.

FZPDIWR is a leading organization in the agri-food sector, providing professional advisory services. Its overriding goal is to build social trust, protect the interests of associated business entities and solve their key problems.

The Federation represents over 1000 farms and enterprises from the agribusiness sector, with which it strives for success and creates space for building a safe future for the agri-food sector. FZPDIWR members can expect support in the area of: creating and amending the law, initiating business meetings and debates with representatives of government administration and central offices, as well as acquiring partners and contractors and cooperation with associated industry organizations.

More information on the activities of the Federation is available at: https://federacjarolna.pl/o-nas/