Inauguration of the trade fair industry at the Central Agricultural Fair

The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge blow to the exhibition industry around the world. The restrictions introduced in Poland allowed for the organization of only a small part of the events planned for 2020, the remaining ones had to be postponed or canceled. This state of affairs forced Ptak Warsaw Expo to search for new solutions and make difficult decisions. The fast approaching coronavirus vaccine will allow the fair to arise from our knees, and the baggage of experience from the pandemic period has prepared us for this challenge.

Continue the success of previous editions

The Central Agricultural Fair is a recognizable brand not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Over 30,000 visitors and 250 brands during the 4th edition alone perfectly illustrate the scaleof the event. Numerous conferences and trainings, premieres of the latest agricultural solutions and equipment, presentation of prestigious awards are just some of the main elements of this event. And there are many more of them and we believe that we will inaugurate the year 2021 with the long-awaited 5th edition of the Central Agricultural Fair.

Waiting for an industry meeting

Restrictions, lockdown, increased precautions, social distancing – all of these have been accompanying our daily lives in recent times, being a joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, it is impossible to feel the lack of contact with the other person and face-to-face conversation. The invention of the vaccine gives hope for a return to normalcy, and thus to the organization of trade fairs. Many hours of consultations with our exhibitors and business partners bring a lot of valuable information, but one issue repeats like a mantra – companies lack direct contact with the client. Everyone wants to re-establish new business contacts, but also to renew those that have weakened by the pandemic. It is also an opportunity to mark your position on the
market after a very difficult period.

Safety first and foremost

Patenting the vaccine will be a milestone in the return of the fair, but the necessary personal protective equipment must not be forgotten. In the fall of 2020, two fair events took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo – the Warsaw Dental Medica Show and BioExpo, which met all the recommendations and were completely safe for both exhibitors and visitors.

Reaching the customer

The time of the pandemic has significantly limited the possibilities of acquiring new customers and presenting products. Yes, the Internet is a powerful marketing tool these days, but it’s still hard to deny personal contact with a potential buyer.That is why the fair is a great opportunity for development for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is worth noting that already during the last edition of the Central Agricultural Fair, the Polish language ceased to dominate the corridors. Domestic companies conduct more and more talks with foreign contractors, thanks to our efforts, more and more groups appear every year.

#RatujmyTargi / #Safethefairs

We believe that, together with the exhibitors, we will be able to rebuild the exhibition industryand return to the reality before the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first edition, the Central
Agricultural Fair was an event crowded with everyone associated with agriculture and we areconvinced that it will be so already in the near future. We encourage you to follow our website regularly, where important information about the upcoming event will be posted.