Moldova launches first weather platform for agricultural producers

The first high-performance agricultural meteorology platform was recently launched in the Republic of Moldova. It will be available to all small and medium-sized farmers in the country.

The Agrobusiness Meteo platform will provide agricultural producers with accurate data on temperature, air and soil moisture, weather forecasts, disease risk information and pest development.

The Agrobusiness Meteo platform is an opportunity for small and medium-sized farmers who cannot afford to install their own weather station. This will enable them to know what is happening in the area where their agricultural fields are located, when to intervene with specific works or carry out treatments on crops – indicates the project’s press release.

A key advantage of the platform is the ability to receive information regardless of the farmer’s location. – Given climate change and the impact of uncontrolled pesticide use, the timely application of treatments and specific jobs becomes paramount. Producers will have free access to some of the important and accurate data generated by the weather stations thanks to the sensors they are equipped with, regardless of their location, being able to monitor what is happening in the field 24 hours a day. ‘We believe that the results of this project will exceed initial estimates, as we all want sustainable and profitable agriculture,’ said Sergiu Jaman, founder of Agribusiness.

The data collected from the sensors is continuously delivered to the platform, so farmers are always up to date with weather changes.

On behalf of Agribusiness, we are pleased to announce that the company has joined the group of Media Patrons of the Central Agricultural Fair 2022, which will take place at PTAK Warsaw Expo from 2.12-4.12.2022. This event is not only an exhibition of machinery, agricultural equipment and agricultural inputs, but also a platform for developing business contacts for customers and creating a convenient space for strengthening cooperation.